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How to Stop Your Dog From Barking at the Door

For some dogs, the sound of a doorbell can trigger a barrage of barking like no other, creating havoc for both you and the visitor at your door. Let’s learn the reasons why your doorbell gets your dog so excited and how you can keep this situation from getting so chaotic.

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Five Tips For Leaving Your Dog Home Alone and Happy

Dogs are pack animals – they’re naturally social. And of course, we humans are pretty attached to our pups. Leaving them at home alone can be hard for the both of you, but with patience and a few clever tactics, it’s definitely doable. Here are our top five tips to make the transition smooth sailing.

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PetSave: As seen on STUFF!

Today we hit the mainstream media with a lovely article published today on STUFF about our journey, from COVID to putting paws before profits.  Read more here. 

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Why pet carriers save lives

PetSave became the first pet supplies superstore in the world to ship their products in cardboard pet carriers, a move to help save more animals.  When the town of Edgecumbe was struck by floodwater in 2017, only 47% of households had sufficient cat carriers when evacuating.

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