Why pet carriers save lives

PetSave became the first pet supplies superstore in the world to ship their products in cardboard pet carriers, a move to help save more animals. 

When the town of Edgecumbe was struck by floodwater in 2017, only 47% of households had sufficient cat carriers when evacuating.

Lack of pet carriers can lead to animals being left behind during evacuations and this in turn leads to pet owners often breaching cordons to illegally rescue their pets placing themselves and emergency workers at risk. This has happened in so many New Zealand disasters including the Canterbury Earthquake (2011) and Nelson Fires (2019), not to mention overseas events.

International research substantiates the importance of ensuring pet owners have sufficient resources to safely evacuate animals. Often owners of multiple cats only have one or two pet carriers, as only one or two need to go to the vet at any one time. 

In 2019, Animal Evac New Zealand deployed the first international team of qualified animal disaster responders to the Australian Bushfires. With so many communities facing the risk of evacuation, there was a major shortage of pet carriers locally. Animal Evac New Zealand imported over 150 pet carriers from New Zealand as part of their response (following their experience at the Nelson Fires) and distributed these to the township of Bundanoon that was under imminent threat of bushfire. The local distribution helped local veterinarians and wildlife rehabilitation centres as well as the public to be ready for the evacuation order that came hours later. Thankfully the efforts of the fire services prevented the town from being overwhelmed and the pet carriers allowed for the safe evacuation of over 150 animals. 

This is why at PetSave we just don't ship our products in boring old boxes, but where we can (based on shopping cart size and weight), our products are couriered in PetSave pet carriers that also have helpful information on how to be prepared for disasters. 

We wouldn't be PetSave if were not saving pets. And yes, it does cost us more to use these carriers, but we are focused on saving lives. Animals are our shareholders and they would agree. We also offer great savings on emergency preparedness kits too. 

This clever idea was the brainchild of PetSave Co-Founder Steve Glassey, who also is a world leading researcher in animal disaster management, who from first hand experience in the Edgecumbe Flood, Nelson Fires and Australian Fires, saw a way to better improve packaging solutions that would help save lives. 

And if you get too many pet carriers delivered from us, we ask you to gift your surplus pet carriers to friends and family or others in your community who may need them. That way, you are helping your community be more ready and resilient. 

You are also helping to support local, as these pet carriers are made in New Zealand and are 100% recyclable. They are also available individually or in bulk (contact us for bulk orders). 

Remember always evacuate with your pets and if its unsafe for you, its unsafe for them. 

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