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We have launched! Finally, paws before profit.

After several weeks of planning and preparation, we are excited to quietly launch PetSave! For the month of June we will be focusing on our friends and family to help us ensure we have our systems well refined before we ramp up our marketing to the wider public. 

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Foods that are Dangerous or Toxic to Cats

When it comes to your cat, you want to make sure she has the best kind of cat food for her nutritional needs. From time to time, you may be tempted to give her table scraps and special treats, but bear in mind that certain foods can be poisonous to her. Here’s a look at some of the most toxic foods for cats.

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The Tales Your Cat's Tail Tells

Your cat's tail can tell you about what's going on inside her head. Tails are good indicators of mood. Take a little time to observe your cat's behavior and you will start to get a feel of the tales the tail tells.

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Meal Feeding vs. Free Feeding Cats: What's Best?

Do you struggle with figuring out the right way to feed your cat? Are you asking yourself, "Should I free feed my cat?" How are you feeding your cat now? Do you currently have free feeding cats? Do you set strict meal times, or do you do a combination of both? Read on to find out about the three different ways pet parents feed their feline friends, along with the advantages and disadvantages to each method.

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Can Dogs Catch a Cold or Get the Flu?

It's that time of the year when sniffles turn into sneezes and a tickle in the throat becomes a persistent cough. You'll do anything to keep your family healthy, including your pup. So, now maybe you are wondering, "Can a dog get a cold?" If you're feeling under the weather yourself, the lingering thoughts of "Can dogs get the flu from humans like me?" will stress you out even further. Of course, you love your pet, and you want to keep him healthy, but do you need to keep your dog away from you as you recover? Here's a quick overview of whether a human cold or the flu can get your pup sick, as well as what you can...

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