Animal welfare receives insufficient Government funding - it’s thousands of volunteers and the generosity of New Zealanders who give their hard-earned cash and hours of their time fundraising to help animals in our community have a better future.

Even with all this generosity our animals are still being abused every day - dogs are still chained up in backyards, cats are still being gin trapped or shot, and animal welfare charities are still overwhelmed and underfunded.

Something has to change, and we hope you’ll support that change by supporting us …

PetSave is a social enterprise that will put 100% of its profits back into animal welfare and related projects, in fact our company constitution requires us to, making us the only company in New Zealand to do so. 

We’re all about making a difference to those animals that aren’t as lucky as your pets – who are well fed, exercised, loved and treated like a member of the family.

We’ve set PetSave up to help fund those hard working organisations that make a real difference to animal welfare, by giving them a portion of the money we all spend every day on our pets. It’s a simple idea we conjured up in our kitchen during the COVID19 lock-down as we considered the $1.8 billion Kiwis spend each year on their pets.

Steve, Lisa and "Diesel" Glassey

PetSave Limited | NZBN 94-2904811742 | 100% Kiwi owned and operated



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