We have many iconic kiwi's who are behind our vision. Our brand ambassadors are regular customers of PetSave and help us get the word out so we can improve animal welfare in New Zealand.

If you would like to know more about becoming a PetSave brand ambassador, please send us a message.  


These two boys are inseparable.  Named after the Avengers, these two gorgeous fur babies are superhero's in their own right taking on the body guard role to look after their two bigger hooman brothers.  Thor & Loki and gentle,  calm, sociable and energetic Ragdolls who have a true loyalty and dedication to their family .... and their treats!   Those eyes!!! 

Thor & Loki are in charge of our Cat range and happily test our new treats and toys we get in stock.  Thanks boys for your hard work!


Harley is a regular customer here at PetSave and is also Diesel's BFF.   Harley has a crazy fascination with tennis balls, her eye/ mouth co-ordinating is super impressive.  She is an amazing swimmer, learning to balance on a surf board as a puppy, you will now often find Harley diving through the Wellington waves to fetch her very important ball or stick!  

Harley has kindly given up some of her play time to help Diesel with food and treat tastings.  Along with her mama, Harley also assists in managing our Instagram account, but you can also follow Harley's adventures on her own Instagram 

In this photo, Harley is kindly modeling our PetSave dog tag.  Thanks for your commitment Harley, you're doing an pawtastic job!


Chibi (Japanese slang for short/small) is a one year old Maltese Shitzu.  He loves playing and makes out he's alot bigger than he really is.  Chibi loves playing with his toys and takes them everywhere, he also enjoys hanging with his fur buddies at Doggy Daycare and when not there he loves a snuggle or two with his family.  Chibi's favourite foods are any treats and cheese - oh he loves cheese! 

Chibi lives on a farm so chasing cows and tug of war are two great ways he passes time and now that he's big enough to jump up, he quite enjoys sleeping in his owners bed!  Lucky Boy!!


Kelsey is a true Hero in our eyes, having survived a major eruption and saved many lives in the process, we are truly blessed to have Kelsey and her gorgeous pups agree to being Ambassadors for us!

Jess is a Belgium Shepherd crossed with a Smooth Collie, and was found at the local vet as a puppy, and she used to love to wear her dad's overalls as he went about his family duties. Jess would have made an amazing Grey Hound because all she wants to do is run. Forever. She’s very intelligent, and talks back whenever you try to get her to lay down. Her cuddles are the best because they’re rare - she’s not an overly cuddly dog but she’s absolutely beautiful. 

River was re-homed from another family.  When Jess and River met for the first time they hit it off instantly.  Not exactly sure of this breed, but think he’s some kind of St. Bernard crossed with a Collie. He’s a big dude, and would quite happily spend his life upside down with his feet in the air in the sun. We never got him with the intention of being a farm dog, but believe it or not, he’s actually better with the cows than Jess


This little guy has stolen our hearts!  Meet Wilson a Lab-Staffy X.  This bundle of joy was adopted from Huha a few weeks back and now has a big hooman sister and two wonderful pawrents taking great care of him.  His coat is soft and shiny and his teeth are small and sharp but luckily  he loves chewing his Antler and chasing his soft toys around the house - he's so gentle it's just adorable.


Daisy is a stunning golden retriever. She loves playing with toys, and absolutely loves her food, including human food! Daisy is a beautiful friendly golden girl who loves meeting new people and doggy friends. Her favourite spots to do this is down at the park and beach.

Daisy loves getting dirty and has heaps of fun playing outside in her back garden. Throughout the day Daisy can spend most of the day napping because being a dog is hard work!

Daisy loves PETSAVE because 100% of profits help to support animal welfare so that less fortunate furry friends can benefit. Make sure to take a look at Daisy’s Instagram page to keep up with her latest adventure. 


Maisy is a 8 month old Bernese Mountain Dog. Maisy loves to go with walks to the park and swims at the beach. However, she does use her pool as a gigantic  water bowl 😅.

Maisy enjoys going on holiday with her Hoomans! She is a big baby and doesn’t realise how big she is. She loves to sit on us! 

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