In accordance with our company constitution, we are legally bound that 100% of our profits to be distributed to animal welfare charities and related projects.

As we are just starting up we are aiming to distribute profits at the end of our first financial year (March 2021). In the meantime we will be helping out any animal welfare charity where we can as a fledgling business permits and you can use your PetSave Points to help one of our charity partners. 

As the year progresses we will be looking at focusing on small number of charity partners and projects with the plan that our valued and loyal customers will be part of the decision making of where we direct our support.  

What kind of projects and charities will we consider?

  • Advocacy projects to improve animal welfare such as law reform
  • Companion animal desexing and micro-chipping campaigns
  • Research and scholarships to improve animal welfare
  • Enrichment projects such as improving dog exercise parks
  • Responsible pet ownership

Which charities or projects do you already have on board as a charity partner?

Animal Evac New Zealand

Steve and Lisa are both volunteers with Animal Evac New Zealand, so naturally this will be one of the charities that PetSave plans to support. 

New Zealand Animal Law Association

We believe that to move towards a more sustainable animal welfare system, we need legislative change. We are proud to support the New Zealand Animal Law Association who contribute to such changes. The New Zealand Animal Law Association is a coalition of lawyers, law students and law graduates working to improve the welfare and lives of animals through the legal system. NZALA has currently have over 500 members signed up throughout the country, from Whangarei to Invercargill, spanning various practice areas, including lawyers working for large commercial law firms, criminal and civil litigators, in-house counsel, lawyers working for government and the judiciary, and include 2 Queen's Counsel. NZALA  engage with both central and local government in supporting positive changes for animals to law and policy, alongside their work supporting animal focused charities and rescues, publishing academic research, using litigation to promote animal welfare standards and educating the legal profession and public about a range of animal law related issues.

Cats Protection Wellington

Every year in Wellington, hundreds of cats become homeless. When cats suddenly have nowhere to go, Cats Protection Wellington can make sure they are fed, healthy and loved until they find new homes. Their shelter is a comfortable place where the cats can choose to relax on large sofas or a sunny deck, or find a quiet hidey hole of their own.

CPW have dedicated staff and volunteers, who care for the cats and take the time to get to know their personalities, likes and dislikes. They’re passionate about keeping each cat happy, and matching them with the best forever home. Located at 29 Vancouver Street in Kingston, they’re open to visitors by appointment 12pm – 4pm, Saturday and Sunday.

So let's get this venture going and together we can put paws before profits

What is the RoundUp donation at checkout?

Over and above our profit distribution above, we also give the option for customers to round up their sale with the rounding being distributed to one of our charity partners. Being separate from the profit distribution, this voluntary add-on means our charity partners can get funding on regular basis from your purchases as the RoundUp distribution is automatically.

As we can only have one RoundUp charity at a time, we roster our charity partners each month throughout the year.

V-Planet Vegan Dog Food: How we help SAFE.

Our V-Planet dog food is 100% vegan. With this in mind, we have a partnership with Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) to help their work in advocating for animal rights. For every bag of V-Planet dog food we sell, a portion of the proceeds go to SAFE. We really love the hard work they do to raise awareness and create change to better the lives of all animals in our country. To respect their values, our sponsorship only applies to this vegan range so this is why they are not listed as a charity partner or round up donation recipient. 






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