With every purchase you earn PetSave Points. 

How do I earn more points?

You earn 5 points for every $200 you spend.

New accounts that sign up for our newsletter get 2 points too.

As they accumulate you will earn discounts on a wide range of of eligible products*.  

Use your PetSave Points to:

  • Get discounts on our products
  • Get special deals on specific promotions
  • Select one or more of our charity partners to gift your points to them. 

How do I get discounts?

You will need to create an account and log in before you reach the check out when making an order.  Your account will keep you up to date on how many points you have and how you can redeem them as a discount or otherwise at your next order.

How do I gift my points to charity?

Points expire on the 31 March each year. Shortly after this time, we will estimate the annual profit and then customers get a set period of time to allocate their points to one of our charity partners or projects. Unallocated points are allocated by the Directors of PetSave. The allocated points form how we split the profits across these charities and projects. 

 * Some products such as gift vouchers are not eligible for PetSave Points.  



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