Meet our family operated social-enterprise team.

Lisa Glassey

Co-founder Lisa Glassey brings her passion for animal welfare to customer service and sales at PetSave. Lisa’s experience covers the tourism, hospitality and not-for-profit sectors including fundraising roles with charities such as the SPCA and Ronald McDonald House in Wellington. She also manages Travel Prefab, an award winning travel brokering firm in Wellington. 



Steve Glassey

Steve is the other Co-Founder of PetSave and is the former CEO of Wellington SPCA who started his career in animal welfare as a volunteer at his local SPCA (Palmerston North) at the age of 13 years. He later became NZ's youngest warranted SPCA Inspector and led the investigation into one of the country's worst cases of mass neglect (Operation Arawhata). He founded the SPCA's National Rescue Unit and has led many high profile technical animal rescues including Operation Poppy and Operation Edgecumbe. He has a Masters in Emergency Management, a Certificate in Animal Welfare Investigations and is studying a PhD in animal disaster management. He co-founded Animal Evac New Zealand, NZ's only dedicated animal disaster management charity. Steve remains a staunch advocate for animal welfare and is recognised as New Zealand's leading scholar in animal disaster management. Steve also manages Public Safety Institute which provides contract services to clients around the world. 

"Diesel" Glassey

Steve and Lisa were blessed to have Diesel, enter their lives nearly 7 years ago. Since then, their world has evolved around this big floofy German Shepherd, with him even being the ring bearer at their wedding. Diesel is our Chief Fluffy Officer (CFO) which also oversees dog treat and toy evaluations. He has a collection of products which he has personally tested and highly recommends, after stringent testing. Diesel's product experience helps us inform what dog related products we stock. You will notice we do not stock rubber chickens or rubber door mats for example, as both of these required surgery to remove. Now much wiser, he loves tug-o-war, walks on the beach and playing with his BFF Harley the German Shepherd. 



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