Gourmate Angus Beef Liver - 65g

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Gourmate Pet Treat Co. creates the best dog treats humanly possible. These human food grade treats are proudly NZ made and come in home compostable packaging. 

This uniquely chunky free range Angus Beef Liver is a natural and meaty dog treat that’s tail-waggingly good and good for them.

  • 100% pasture raised NZ Angus beef liver
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Freeze-dried for maximum nutrition
  • Not machine pressed, making for chunkier chewing (think hokey pokey)
  • Natural source of vitamins A and B and iron to support muscle growth and more

Not for human consumption - sorry 


Angus Beef Liver - that’s all

Feeding guide:

For supplement feeding only. We recommend 1 big or 2 small chunky liver chunks per day. Liver can be easily cut up or broken for training.

Made in NZ



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