Petsafe Spray Shield 88.7mL

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SprayShield® Animal Deterrent Spray effectively, safely, and humanely repels moderately aggressive dogs.

The highly concentrated citronella formula used in SprayShield® provides a unique, pungent aroma that instantly distracts and confuses the attacking animal. When sprayed towards the aggressive dog’s nose, it safely and effectively deters the dog without escalating the aggression. As an added benefit, SprayShield® will not accidentally injure the user or other onlookers.

SprayShield® was designed for kennel employees, animal control officers, utility workers, meter readers, delivery personnel, joggers, bicyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who could come in contact with aggressive dogs.

Key Features

  • Powerful citronella spray deters moderately aggressive dogs
  • Safer alternative to pepper spray for preventing dog attacks
  • No harmful side effects
  • Protect yourself, your pet, and others
  • Compact can with handy belt/pocket clip
  • Contains enough formula to spray up to a 3 metre stream for up to 12 seconds

We recommend that for workplaces requiring this product for staff safety, that they complete the AENZ Dog Bite Prevention course



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