The Original Poop Bag - Backyard Biobased Bags

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Our Biobased products are made with a minimum of 38% plant material, providing an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products.

These Backyard Bags are the best alternative to pooper scoopers, making waste clean up easier than ever before! Each Backyard Bag has an easily accessible slot for your arm to slide through, which allows you to use your hand for clean up without the mess.

The Backyard Bags also have a carrying handle that your other hand can easily hold on to while cleaning up in the yard.

  • 16 multipoop pick-up bags
  • USDA Biobased Certified 
  • Made from plants and other renewable resources
  • Size at 13" wide x 24" long
  • Carrying handle and arm slot for easy pick up
  • Say goodbye to your pooper scooper!



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