The Original Poop Bags - Dispenser

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Our Biobased products are made with a minimum of 38% plant material, providing an alternative to conventional petroleum derived product.  Keep your dog waste bags handy with The Original Poop Bag Hydrant Dispenser!

  • Stylish and functional poop bags holder
  • Includes 15 USDA Certified Biobased poop bags
  • Carries full, used poop bags with the attached hook
  • Works great with most leash-style poop bags
  • Velcro strap attaches to any leash

Add some whimsy into your day with this poop bag dispenser shaped like a fire hydrant. While designed for use with The Original Poop Bags® roll packs, it should hold most brands of leash rolls. Not only are the bags responsible, but the dispenser is too! Both are made of at least 38% renewable resources such as corn and starch.

Size of bags: 23cm x 33cm



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